Consulting and business development

In the light of the understandings about your desires by expanding the commercial, industrial and investment activities of your investment company, the activities and services that can be added to your website and your investment activities will be presented in a professional and complete manner to your prospective customers.
  • international ISO Certificates

    We contribute with our clients to achieve quality values through the application of a package of ISO certificaties
  • Feasibility studies for projects, work plans, market studies and researches

    Feasibility Studies is one of the most important steps that the success of any project where the professional and strategic planning ensures that the extent of the success and effectiveness of these projects
  • Selling, buying and developing existing projects, establishing and financing companies and projects

    financial solutions adapted to the nature of work

Comprehensive feasibility studies for projects

# # Industrial:

Since the professional and strategic planning Of projects ensures the success and effectiveness Of these projects, the comprehensive feasibility studies for industrial projects are the most significant Steps for the success Of these projects. Therefore, before initiating any project, a feasibility study should be carried out for this project and the elements Of industrial production should be studied accurately. These elements are termed as "M'S 10', since all Of them start With the letter M:



3. MAN








EKM has Of industrial projects, and it has contributed to the establishment and development Of the industrial and marketing performance Of more than 250 industrial facilities for manufacturing industries around the world, utilizing a specialized consultant team With professionally plotted, strategic scientific plans to achieve highest standards of production and quality at the best possible cost, and to cope With the market by pricing products to be more advantageous before the consumer in terms of value versus product, reaching With these products to the superiority among their counterparts in different markets, furthermore, to maximize the profitability Of the facility With lower operating costs.

The methodology of industrial feasibility studies is built in two phases:

Phase one Our specialist consultants provide free consultation to the investor on the right decision regarding the feasibility Of the industrial project idea and whether it is worthy Of a comprehensive feasibility study, or advice not to invest in the proposed project by presenting data and information on the project to be initiated based on the proposed geographical location and the capital allocated for investment.

Phase Two Providing a comprehensive feasibility study for industrial projects in a modern and professional manner, keeping pace with the latest technologies, marketing tools, modern presentation and identity building and brand creation methods.

# Comprehensive feasibility studies for Medical, Agricultural, Commercial and service projects:

The Feasibility Studies for Business Projects is considered a major and significant centrepiece in the initiation or expansion phase Of modern commercial projects. The feasibility study aims at analyzing the best methods to found a project, so as to maintain the invested capital and seek the most profitable returns. In this context, EKM Investments, through its adviq)by team, introduce the ideal and modern mechanisms for the feasibility studies Of commercial projects within contemporary scientific bases , which include:

  • Vision on the project idea
  • Project administrative studies.
  • Project operational studies.
  • Target market analysis studies.
  • Marketing studies and mechanisms.
  • Project financial studies.
  • Project Establishment

    EKM Investments Offers the most advanced technical and financial solutions for the project implementation, starting from the phase following the professional feasibility study of a project to the project final products, by providing the investor With detailed plans for the project(s), along With detailed timetables for implementation, detailed studies Of all implementation stages. Then comes the direct supervision on implementation Of the project until reaching the experimental production. Furthermore, coordination With the investor regarding the visits Of suppliers; signing Of contracts for the purchase Of production lines, raw materials, etc. on a world scale; doing the needed inspection Of equipment and machinery on suppliers' site before proceeding into shipping to the investor to confirm compliance With the terms Of purchase contracts; doing technical equipment studies for the project site and the necessary work tools; human resources studies quality and quality certificates; chemical compositions; operating costs; and product costs, etc.

    Strategic planning for enterprises

    EKM Investments ,through its consultants specializing in different business areas, provides strategic plans for companies, private and government institutions. Strategic planning for companies is characterized by the need to validate the reliability Of decisions taken, as well as continuous supervision and follow-up Of the Stages Of the planning process and achievement Of the objectives agreed upon by all stakeholders involved in strategic planning. The strategic planning represents an integrated vision Of companies as it includes the concept Of the initiative; focuses on efficiency, cooperation, efficiency, employment Of diverse expertise; and supports all

    Action plans

    EKM Investments Offers professional work plan studies through its advisory team for industrial, commercial, service, medical, and agricultural projects. The most important items Of the action plan that can be provided to the investor are:

  • Project feasibility assessment.
  • Target market study.
  • Examining potential possibilities for financing, implementing and marketing the project.
  • Technical vision Of the project.
  • Marketing vision and tools for project products or services.
  • Financial vision Of the project (capital required for investment \ period of return on investment)
  • Results and recommendations on the project.
  • Market Research & Studies

    EKM Investments Offers professional market studies and research through contemporary market survey theories, made by the advisory and field work teams for any target market around the world for specific products in order to provide a comprehensive study model containing accurate information and data for the optimal marketing policies, expected sales and distribution channels depending on the nature of the markets in question, competitor study, market shares, competitive position, characteristics Of target markets, etc.. All Of that data Will be analyzed and extrapolated to define the business keys in those markets, and make the expected investment decisions about the establishment Of new projects or the development Of existing projects.

    employees to understand the objectives Of strategic planning to be achieved and market position that companies seek. All Of this Will contribute to the prioritization Of the general framework Of work in these institutions and the design Of a deliberate work vision focusing on the future, commensuration With the future direction Of companies, and articulating an intact vision that helps companies their objectives, under a distinguished risk management willing to deal With the variables Of business environment and anticipate the future challenges. The strategic planning Of companies contributes to meeting the competitive requirements in the business environment and defining the progress achieved by companies towards their objectives within the established time frame, reflecting a clear and integrated vision Of the organizational framework within the institution, and the accuracy and clarity Of the objectives that distinguish companies from each other and reflect the level Of administrative organization within the work and the ability to make appropriate decisions within the company's policies.

    International Quality Certification

    In EKM Investments we support our customers to achieve quality standards for industrial, commercial and service facilities through the implementation Of a package Of global quality systems, which helps facilities to achieve:

  • Increasing the demand rate increases the company's profits The international ISO standards indicate that the application Of the ISO quality standard by a company increases the demand for the company's services by 30%, as the customers' confidence in the company" trademark and quality Will increased.
  • Increase productivity within the company: through the implementation Of the reducing waste and cost policy, which is an advantages Of the application Of the ISO Quality System.
  • Efficiency Levitation: Implementing the ISO Quality System increases the efficiency Of the company management work and increases the productivity Of the company's employees as well.
  • Increasing and improving the production quality. The implementation Of the ISO Quality System within the company increases the company's productivity by more than 20%.
  • Raising Competitive Advantage The ISO Quality System raises the competitive advantage Of the company, which increases the company's customers and profits.
  • Raising Awareness The implementation Of the ISO Quality System raise awareness Of the quality importance among employees within the company.
  • International Recognition: The implementation Of ISO Quality System ensures the international recognition Of the company's trademark.
  • Quality certificates offered to facilities by EKM Investments:

  • ISO 9001: 2008: The most common quality standards and relate to the quality system within the company.
  • ISO 2004: 14001: Relate to the Environmental Management System within the institution, and helps improve the ecosystem within the company and improve the company's efficiency and work.
  • OHSAS 18001: Relates to the occupational health and safety management system within the institution. This standard is globally recognized British standard.
  • ISO 22000. Relate to the food safety management system and its associated analysis, risks and control points within the institution. These standards comply With the Global Food Safety Standards and are worldwide recognized.
  • ISO 22301: 2012 Relate to the business continuity management system and the related planning, maintenance, implementation and control as well as how to respond rabidly in emergencies that may occur within the institution.
  • ISO 27001: Relate to the management of information security And protection and the related design, controls, auditing and follow-up.
  • ISO 31000: 2009: Relate to the risk management system and rapid response to reduce these risks and the related strategies, processes, products, services and assets.
  • Development Of current projects

    EKM Investments Offers consulting services in the development Of current projects, by making specialized studies in reducing operating and production costs, and Levitation Of the value Of production and sales through modern plans for production operations and raising their efficiency in line With the latest technologies adequate for the existing investment activity, thereby, contributing to higher profitability for companies.

    Foundation Of joint ventures

    Through extensive relationships With investors and intellectual property owners around the world, EKM Investments managed to have a unique database Of investors Who desire to finance distinguished projects in partnership With intellectual property owner Of these projects With share allocation. EKM Investments also has many private intellectual property projects, whose owners desire to invest them With funded partners. EKM Investments Offers franchise projects accompanied With relationships With globally recognized brands in multiple investment activities. Also, it provides investors (brand representatives) to invest under commercial representation umbrella. We can Offer investment options for business partnerships between similar business activities.

    Purchase and sale Of projects

    If you desire to purchase or sell existing projects, please contact the administration through the website contact form or:

    Send an e-mail With the request details to:

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    Financial audit

    EKM Investments Offers its customers a comprehensive range Of financial and management consulting services, including:

  • Accounting and Account Management
  • Accounting Audit
  • Compliance and Internal Audit
  • VAT
  • Reports of Accounting Expertise
  • Foundation Of local firms and international companies' branches

    EKM Investments Offers a Wide range Of specialized services in forming local companies or branches Of foreign companies in UAE.

    EKM Investments has partnered With the Free Zones Authorities in UAE to establish investment projects. Our services include:

  • Establishment Of local firms or branches Of foreign companies in UAE.
  • Carrying out the engineering and construction design, and the construction Of industrial and commercial warehouses at the highest international standards according to the business activity nature and at lower construction cost.
  • Providing industrial and commercial land for obtaining or long term leasing in the investment areas in UAE.
  • Lease of industrial and commercial warehouses and offices.
  • Transaction follow up and termination.
  • Legal consultations and contracts

    EKM Investments Offers its customers a comprehensive range Of legal consulting services for business as well as legal contracts for business and local and international business partnerships. For service request, please contact the administration through the website contact form, or:

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    Business, Industrial and Logistic Consultancy

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    Import and Export

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    Project Finance

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    Banking procedures

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